Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Differential equation based fault location on multi-terminal HVDC with limited number of measurement devices    M.Sc.    Asra izadie far    1399/07/22
2    Novel islanding detection algorithms of grid-connected photovoltaic systems based on maximum power point injection    Ph.D    Reza Bakhshi    1399/06/23
3    Adaptive protection of distribution systems in the presence of distributed generations using setting groups of relay    M.Sc.    mohammad mohammadzade ebrahimi    1398/11/28
4    Applying Electromagnetic Time Reversal Theory to Locate Faults in Shunt-Compensated Transmission Lines    M.Sc.    mohammad javad mostafian    1398/11/27
5    Fault location in series compensated transmission line using Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System    M.Sc.    Mohsen Tabari    1398/06/31
6    Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays Considering Uncertainties of Generator and Transformers in Power System    M.Sc.    Mehran Safdari    1398/06/31
7    Providing the adaptive adjustment plan of the distance relay zone1 in tapped transmission lines to compensate the impedance measuring errors    M.Sc.    SeyedMajid Hashemi    1398/04/31
8    A Method for Single-Phase Adaptive Auto-Reclosure in High Voltage Transmission Lines by Detecting Arcing Faults    Ph.D    Iman Nikoofekr    1398/02/12
9    High impedance fault detection in distribution system using wavelet transform based neural network    M.Sc.    Abdullah ALSHIKH ABDULLAH    1397/10/30
10    (Electrical Machines Fault Detection through Frequency Response Analysis (FRA    M.Sc.    Reza Khalili Senobari    1397/03/30
11    Using mathematical morphology to identify and compensate the effect of CT saturation to improve the differential protection performance of power transformer    M.Sc.    mohammad sajjad nahvi    1397/03/12
12    Fault Location in HVDC Transmission Lines by Calculating Similarity of Voltage Signals    M.Sc.    Mehran Najjarian    1396/06/28
13    fault location in distribution networks in presence of DG, using time-domain distributed-parameter line model    M.Sc.    faeze mohajer    1396/06/28
14    Analysis of the secondary arc extinction time by High Speed Grounding Switches (HSGS) and providing timetable for automatic reclosing operation in power transmission lines    M.Sc.    Mahdi Zarei Yazd    1396/06/21
15    gas circuit breaker's fault detection method based on dynamic resistance analysis    Ph.D    maryam khoddam    1396/05/03
16    Effect of Wind Farm on Power Swing Detection in Distance Relays    M.Sc.    maryam niknezhad    1395/11/26
17    Setting Correction of Distance Protection at Short Cable Transmission Lines    M.Sc.    mahmoud kamel dabbagh hoseinpour yazd    1395/06/20
18    An Evidential Reasoning Based Approach to High Impedance Fault Detection in Power System Distribution    M.Sc.    Adel Soheili    1395/06/03
19    Optimal Placement and Sizing of Fault Current Limiter in Presence of Distribution Genertion in The Subtransmission Networks    M.Sc.    Mohammad Fathi Sheikh Ahmad    1395/02/07
20    Investigation of transient over voltage induced by switching in mixed line(cable/overhead) and comparing with cable line    M.Sc.    mahmood hasanzadeh    1394/08/11
21    Section detection and fault location in series compensated transmission lines    M.Sc.    navid bashian    1394/07/11
22    Series compensated transmission line protection using learning and with single ended Series compensated measurements    M.Sc.    Elnaz Basirnia    1394/07/08
23    optimal coordination of distance and overcurrent relaye considering uncertainties in power system    Ph.D    yaser damchi    1394/06/31
24    fault location using minimum pmu’s data    M.Sc.    seyed hossein mortazavi ravari    1393/06/31
25    A novel active islanding detection method for grid connected photovoltaic system with string inverter    M.Sc.    Reza bakhshi jafarabadi    1393/06/29
26    Discrimination of Inrush Current from Internal Fault Current in Power Transformers by Extracting Core\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Magnetic Characteristics Curve    M.Sc.    Babak Khalkhali    1393/06/19
27    Prominent feature selection for intelligent fault location in high voltage transmission lines    Ph.D    Mohammad Farshad    1392/09/21
28    fault location in power distribution network with matching algorithm    Ph.D    rahman dashti    1392/07/27
29    Control and Power Management of a Grid-Connected Hybrid PV-Battery Using an Intelligent Method and Considering Economical Constraints    M.Sc.    Hamed Naderi Rad    1392/06/31
30    Fault Location in HVDC Transmission Lines using Impedance based Method    M.Sc.    Mohammad Mehdi Kamali Faz    1392/06/31
31    Islanding detection method for inverter based distributed generator    Ph.D    Ebadollah Kamyab    1392/06/25
32    optimal specification determination of superconducting fault current limiter to reduce protection problems of distribution system with distributed generation    M.Sc.    salman hemmati    1391/07/08
33    Time domain fault location of three-terminal transmission lines without using line parameters    M.Sc.    Masoud Ghiafeh Davoudi    1391/04/24
34    Evaluation of distributed generation units based on power electronic devices during voltage sag    M.Sc.    majid taghizadeh    1390/06/31
35    determine sizing of hybrid renewable energy with considering uncertainty of power output    M.Sc.    mohsen bashir    1390/06/30